The remit was to put forward a cutting edge High definition IP system that was simple to operate, quick and efficient in the search and retrieval of vide  whilst delivering comprehensive coverage and recording in the internal and external areas of the store.

Some consultation work was required, ensuring we ascertained Decathlons requirements exactly, the specific dynamics of the retail environment  and clearly understood the challenges the faced by the business .   

It was decided that a 32ch Qvis, cortex NVR  and 3mp cameras were best suited to the application, delivering excellent capability, coverage and scalability.

As a manager responsible for security, I was interested in installing CCTV in my store. I researched many different companies but found it confusing as there was a lot of variety regarding the quality and cost of the equipment. I then came across Adata.

They were extremely helpful and were able to specify, consult and explain what was necessary.

They provided demonstrations and enabled me to visualise what it would be like to have High Definition CCTV across the store. I was then put in touch with one of their authorized installers CeCe TV who provided the kit and installation .

We now have a very professional CCTV system in place that provides excellent quality at a fantastic price and covers all the major areas of the store. Extremely happy!


Jess Fernandes - 

Operations and Customer Services manager