Qvis Body Worn Camera - ECO1 Economy Level Model

Qvis Code: EYECU-8
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Key Features

  • Small & Compact Recorder with 110 Degree View

  • One Switch Operation

  • 16GB SD Card

  • Ideal Lone Worker Backup

  • Requires Wi-Fi

Product Description

The Qvis Body Worn Camera is an ideal method of remotely recording footage whilst on the move. Lone and vulnerable workers can feel more at ease with the option of one-switch recording when they feel necessary, wherever they are. A form of security and backup that provides evidence when it is needed most. 

The entry level camera is ideal for Night-time Economy Operations (Private Security Guards, Bouncers), Taxi Workers, Parking Enforcers and more! The camera itself is an excellent deterrent to would-be offenders and helps manage conflicts by sheer presence alone. With one touch to record, it is easy to capture incidents as they occur. 

There is a built-in Battery and docking station to recharge, alongside an internal speaker and microphone. 


Additional Information

Additional Information

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